In 2021, 54 countries applied to participate in the KinoDUEL International Film Festival! We have collected a quarter of the world and five continents. Our jury consists of famous directors, actors, producers and artists, among them: Nikolai Lebedev – winner of state awards, director and screenwriter of 11 films (Legend 17, Crew); Dina Korzun – world cinema actress, founder of charitable foundations; Otwin Biernat – director and screenwriter, winner of awards from Berlin to Bombay, who is a relative of Arnold Schwarzenegger; Ashish Kumar -director, and in the past, and actor of Bollywood. Winner of many awards. And many other excellent participants of our international jury, who have an independent and versatile view.

Founder of the festival – Marina Viatkina, director of the Vyatkin Publishing House. The festival is organized by the Vyatkin Publishing House, Podolsk-Moscow. We publish books in author’s gift and leather hand-made bindings, make documentaries, short-length films and presentation videos. The publishing house is a permanent member of international and Russian exhibitions, festivals and forums…


March 24-27, 2022 KinoDUEL in Moscow!

All events during the festival are free of charge. We bring together people from different countries, faiths and ages who bring kindness and cordiality through their creativity. All events during the festival are free of charge. In all final battles, audience voting and press voting are held on a par with cinematographers. All events during the festival are free of charge.

Join us:

Our motto: «From heart to heart with love»

Festival KinoDUEL
2018 — KinoDUEL festival was held for the first time at 4 venues in Moscow. 38 countries participated in the festival.
2019 — KinoDUEL in Minsk. Was attended by 60 countries.

2020 — the festival was postponed to March 1-5, 2021 due to the pandemic. 

2021 — KinoDUEL in Moscow. Was attended by 55 countries.

Activities during the festival

The final screenings and screenings of «a single session» best movies semi-final. Pitching film projects and screenplay competition. Workshops and a round table for filmmakers. Excursion program and Interactive action. Special presentation program and children’s program. National music ethnographic program. Gala concert and awarding of winners. Photo session with the winners and stars. Furshet. And that’s not all.

Join us! We are waiting for your films, pitching requests and look forward to meeting you!

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