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The festival is organized by the Vyatkin Publishing House, Podolsk-Moscow. We publish books in author’s gift and leather hand-made bindings, make documentaries, short-length films and presentation videos. The publishing house is a permanent member of international and Russian exhibitions, festivals and forums. Our books as a work of art are in the best libraries of the world, private collections and governmental institutions in Russia. In 2017, the documentary «My Expedition to Bali», which was presented by the Publishing House, won the NNF International Film Festival in Afula. The film «The Way Begins With a Step» directed by M. Viatkina (director of the publishing house) and E. Pashkanis since 2016 is periodically shown on the SPAS television channel (Russia). The publishing house also participates in organizing charity events, psychological and thematic seminars, meetings with authors, film directors and actors.

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