Basic principles of the festival

For the first time, our festival selects films based on the duel principle. The films have to go through several stages: official selection, semi-final and final. Along with well-known masters of cinema, the audience also evaluates films.

The purpose of the festival is to stimulate young filmmakers for the new cinema, appreciating their work and to acquaint the filmmakers with culture and life of the world. We accept all genres of films from all over the world and give the opportunity for new filmmakers to evaluate their films and compete with other famous cinematographers. Films made with soul and love are accepted from the heart, and our viewers want to see films in which one can experience and rejoice, love and be inspired, think and learn, believe, dream and enjoy viewing. Together we want to study the history and culture of different countries, empathize and think, learn to be people, evaluate films together and find new friends. Our films do not accept violence and cruelty. We welcome new ideas and forms, a new vision and creativity in all its manifestations. Films do not have to be premieres, but all the premieres will be separately marked by the organizers. The festival will show the best of the presented films for a wide audience.



DATES 1-5 MARCH 2021

Terms & Conditions

All inspired filmmakers from any country, whose interests and films meet the stated requirements, can take part. You can submit several of your films at once, paying a registration fee for each of the applications.

Films undergo several stages of selection. Each stage is covered on the festival’s website and on    Facebook


Stage 1 official selection monthly

These films participate in the further struggle for the main prize and semi-final. All who entered the official selection will receive the corresponding laurels-the official selection of the month.
From the films of the official selection the nominees for awards and prizes will be selected.


Stage 2 semi-final

5 participants will be selected in each category . Any of them pretends not only for the main prize, but also for the other incentive prizes from sponsors.


Stage 3 finale

There are only two participants in each nomination who will compete for the main prize in the finals. These films are sure to be shown. Each pair will be appreciated by teams of filmmakers, the press and spectators (1 vote per team), who always have different opinions. Each of them, as in the ring, surrounded by spectators and participants, will raise a plate with the winner’s number. Will their opinions coincide? Will see.


To be among the winners, you must submit your movies in HD to the platform Filmfreewey or Festhome with subtitles in English or Russian. All films selected for live screenings in the cinema (as we will inform you in advance) must be presented in HD format with subtitles in Russian or English. Payment for the screening of the film within the festival is not provided for the authors.

Registration fee for participation is not refundable, it covers technical and organizational activities for participants.

The organizer of the festival is not responsible for issues related to the copyright of the film and the materials used in the film. The applicant and the authors of the film are responsible for these issues.

After you submit your film, you agree that we may use your data and movie data on social networks and the press to promote the festival and announce the film as part of the festival program (Poster, trailer, teaser, synopsis, press kit, photo Director, etc.).


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